Marketing website done with Nuxt

Nuxtship is a starter template for startups, marketing websites & landing pages. Built with Nuxt & TailwindCSS. You can quickly create any website with this starter.

Everything you need to start a website

Nuxt comes batteries included. It takes the best parts of state-of-the-art tools and adds its own innovations.

Bring Your Own Framework

Build your site using Vue, web components, or just plain ol' HTML + JavaScript.

100% Static HTML, No JS

Nuxt renders your entire page to static HTML, removing all JavaScript from your final build by default.

On-Demand Components

Need some JS? Nuxt can automatically hydrate interactive components when they become visible on the page.

Broad Integration

Nuxt supports TypeScript, Scoped CSS, CSS Modules, Sass, Tailwind, Markdown, MDX, and any other npm packages.

SEO Enabled

Automatic sitemaps, RSS feeds, pagination and collections take the pain out of SEO and syndication. It just works!


Nuxt is an open source project powered by hundreds of contributors making thousands of individual contributions.

Works with your technologies

Build faster websites.

Static or Dynamic, the choice is yours with Nuxt's hybrid rendering modes.